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In 1995, Shunguang Energy-saving Lamp Co. was founded by Chen, Baohua. 
In 1999, The company proposed the principle produce perfect lamps for the whole world.
In 2000, the company passed the ISO9000 system, and introduced in the first pipeline.
In 2001, the number of the pipelines increased to 3.
In 2002, the administrative building and the first workshop was built. The management began operation step by step. 
In 2003, the production value of the company had its first time surpass 0.1 billion. The products began to finalize its type to electric wall lamps.
In 2005, the business building was completed. The company also had its tenth anniversary celebration.. 
In 2006, for the purpose of creative development, the company established the G2 industrial product design Co., LTD.Meanwhile, it also built a technical centre which covered about 3000 O
In 2007, the company was cognizanced by the industry association as one of the largest wall lamp production base in China.  
In 2008, the company obtained the laurel of the farfamed brand in China. 

we were assessed as technology centre of media or small sized enterprises of Zhejiang province by Bereau of Zhejiang media or small sized enterprises

We were classified as A class enterprise by Hangzhou custom

We were honored as the good example of patent creation

We were honored as one of famous brandname in Zhejiang province on Dec,2008

Our TUV-approved lab was established on Jan,2009

We were honored as one of excellent enterprise by labor union

We were named excellent party member of 2008 on Jan,2009

We were named advance production enterprise of 2008 on Jan,2009

We wre honored one of best fifty enterprises of 2008 who make contribution to government tax on Feb,2009

We are honored the excellent example in providing the good logistics service to our employee on Feb,2009

We were honored one of 20 best exporting enterprised of 2008 on Feb,2009

We were honored most competitive growing enterprise of 2008 on Feb,2009

We were honored one of 100 best enterprised in overall field of 2008 on Feb,2009

Our new-garden project was opened on March,2009

Quality-control training class guided by Taiwang jiangfeng institute was started from end of March,2009

Teacher from Taiwang jiangfeng institute came to start the class on 30th and 31st of march,2009 

First session of quality control week-meeting was held on 6th and 7th of April,2009

We established the partnershipment with GE for garden lamp cooperation project on April ,2009 

Second session of quality control week-meeting was held on 15th of April,2009

Internal self-checking was conducted on 22nd of April,2009 

Garden cross-road was established on middle of April,2009

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