“We partner with our clients to create, market and deliver, stand-alone service products and innovative product features that enhance customer relationships, increase loyalty, generate incremental revenue and much more.”


  • 1-to-1 Marketing
    There are no shortcuts to successful customer interactions. Every touch point. Every lifecycle stage. Every moment. Everything counts.

  • Integrated Multi-Channel Communications
    Some companies talk about integrated communication solutions. We live it. Traditional advertising is expensive and its reach limited. People are inundated with unwanted messages and images. New mediums abound. There are so many ways to reach or miss your target audience./

  • Loyalty & Direct Marketing
    Get. Keep. Grow. These are the simple principles behind loyalty marketing. What’s not so simple is making it happen. Not all customers are created equal. You need to find your best customers and keep them.

  • Incentives, Rewards & Recognition
    Everyone needs recognition. For hard work. For contributing to team goals. For helping the organization achieve its bottom line. At Carlson Marketing, we engage, inspire, and elevate your workforce and/or channel partners with our Incentives, Recognition & Rewards programs.

  • Travel, Meetings & Events
    Carlson Marketing Travel, Meetings & Events creates compelling personal experiences that leave lasting impressions. Locally. Nationally. Anywhere in the world. Our approach focuses on your event objectives and your results.

  • Enhancement Services
    We are Canada’s leading Enhancement Services provider. We create, market, and service innovative Life Assistance features and programs that offer peace of mind to our clients’ customers.

  • Interactive & Mobile
    Innovative and effective digital work begins with your customers. Carlson Marketing can create the ideal brand environment whether on the web or on mobile devices or as part of a multi-channel program that integrates your brand online. Let customers explore. And build profound and lasting relationships with you.

  • Measurement Sciences
    What is your data saying? How do you act on it? How do you spend your money?
    Why guess when you can know?